Come and realise Man’s oldest dream of flight at Sirius – enjoyably and safely. The experience of flying is like free-falling from an aircraft. The maximum speed of the air-flow is 260 km/h, but beginners fly at about 180 km/h. Flying is a great experience, even for those who are just watching. 

What is wind-tunnel flying?

Wind-tunnel flying is an enjoyable, safe and easy way to actually experience what it feels like to fly! After a short session of instruction, you can experience flight under the supervision of an experienced and professionally-skilled tunnel instructor.

In the wind tunnel, you will be taught what to do and how to move in a fast-moving airflow, controlling your own body. Once you have learned how the airflow affects you and how to control your body movements, you will be able to experience the feeling of flying.

Wind-tunnel flying is an important means of practice for sky-diving and wind-tunnel flying enthusiasts, but also offers unforgettable experiences to those who just want to try it now and then.

Watch a one minute long video on first-timer flight from this link.